A big-ass list of possible AU’s.

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Supernatural inspired starter sentences


  • "What would you rather have? Peace or freedom"
  • "You know, you really suck at goodbyes"
  • "This is the last we will see of each other for a very long time
  • "I don’t want you to save me"
  • "Every fibre of me wants to die"
  • "I made a promise"
  • "If it’s not to late, I think ill like to take you up on that beer"
  • "it’s ok. It’s going to be ok"
  • "This was a test"
  • "I chose family."
  • "endings are hard but then again, nothing really ends, dose it?"
  • "You gotta promise not to try and bring me back
  • "Go live some apple pie life"
  • "It has been a year"
  • "beautiful loser"
  • "You cant have it all"
  • "Get the salt"
  • "I am not here at the moment"
  • "You have the eye of a tiger"
  • "Something…not natural"
  • "I have had some crap jobs"
  • "you have been poisoned, what ever thing you think you have been seeing, it’s not real"
  • "I was expecting a hug, some holy water in the face, anything"
  • "You have no idea what is in some peoples walls. It could eat them alive"
  • "I think she likes you"
  • *distant screams*
  • "What the hell was that?"
  • "im…coming…for…you"
  • "Call it a hunch"
  • "Pig n a poke"
  • "What was that sound?"
  • "careful is my middle name"
  • "Thats not a demon, is it?"
  • "The light is flickering. Urg, got to call an electrician again."
  • "…sulfur"
  • "Are you hunting something?"
  • "You have yellow eyes…"
  • "Add a little spice to all that sugar"
  • "You cant outrun your past"
  • "Carry on my wayward son"

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Suck my dick. - driverpicksthexmusic
Send me “Suck my dick.” For my Muse’s reaction to yours          demanding this to them.

"You could have asked nicely… And maybe you’d have been lucky…" she said laughing. 


Send me “Suck my dick.” For my Muse’s reaction to yours demanding this to them.



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If I (the mun) get 10 of these (☂ ) you can hear my (mun’s) voice

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"i’m fine"

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"As it happens, they why part is actually quite important.
     I could explain, but it’s a dreadfully long story.
          Let’s just say that I’m intrigued, shall we?”


"I thought It would be a good place to hide…

"Until I found out, that mass murders, werewolves, kitsunes, a family of hunters and crazy… were on the daily menu…"  

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Did you see who?


I could always help you flag a cab, ma’am.

"No… though I can imagine who did it.."

"Oh I’m not worrying about the car… I can buy a new one…                                       It’s what’s inside the car…" she looked at him and smiled a little.

"Thanks for your help… but I wouldn’t want to drag you into that…"